Our Quality Dairy Products 

At Birchwood Dairy Farm we start by insuring our cows are fed a complete and balanced diet including vitamins and minerals. This insures our herd is happy, healthy and well cared for. Happy cows produce delicious milk and delicious milk turns into the best tasting dairy products.

Quality is always what we strive for! At our family farm we process our milk at just above legal temperatures to ensure the natural flavour is preserved and that there is no processed taste. Our milk is enriched with selenium. Our cows are fed organic yeast grown selenium which is absorbed far better into her system than the mineral form of selenium. This makes mama cow and her calf much healthier! The easier absorbed selenium then ends up in your glass of Birchwood Dairy milk. Lab tests done throughout the year prove our milk is an excellent source of selenium. One 250ml glass of Birchwood Dairy milk fully meets the minimum recommended daily intake (RDI) for children less than 2 years of age. That same glass of milk provides over 25% of the minimum (RDI) for children and adults over the age of two.

Canadian milk contains no added hormones (BST) unlike other countries that use growth hormones to make mama cow produce more milk in a day. Antibiotics in the Canadian Dairy Industry is also strictly regulated.  If an ill cow is given antibiotics, there is a mandatory hold back time on that cow’s milk. She will not be introduced back into the heard until all the medication has been cleared from her system. All our milk is tested regularly on site for antibiotics.

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